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2630 EDC Blockchain Is Ramping up the Audience in China

In June, two representatives of EDC Blockchain and leaders of the EDC community from the province of Fujian will hold two meetings in China. The first meeting will be held in Putian on June 20, 2019. The second event will take place in Xiamen on June 22, 2019. Each of these meetings will be attended by over 50 people.

The program includes:

  • EDC Blockchain representatives will share their vision of the cryptocurrency market;
  • Tell about the platform development strategy and EDC coin use cases;
  • Within the events framework a business presentation of the ECROFund platform will be held.

We recall that the first time we presented the ECROFund platform at the large-scale IFIC Sanya 2019 conference in China last month. Thousands of visitors, blockchain experts and large investors were able to learn about our project and its mission.

The ECROFund platform is bringing together people who have combined their resources to create an independent and self-sufficient ECRO ecosystem.

Meetups will contribute to the territorial expansion of both platforms — EDC Blockchain and ECROFund — in the Chinese market, the largest cryptocurrency market worldwide.

You will find more detailed information about upcoming events on the project pages on Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. Chinese EDC community members can find out more about all the details of meetups in the QQ group 415314924.