EDC Blockchain Is Launching a Bounty Campaign |

EDC Blockchain Is Launching a Bounty Campaign

EDC invites you to participate in its bounty campaign, which started in May 2019. All those who help promote the platform will earn good rewards, as long as their bounty submissions comply with the rules of the campaign. You can choose to write an original publication or make a video about EDC. The main criterion of good work is that you find the result interesting.

To take part in the bounty, you need to complete four simple steps:

1. Create a unique photo, video, or text about EDC;

2. Publish it in your blog, in your social media account, or on a video hosting site.

3. Fill in the bounty participation form and post a link to your submission (article, video, etc.) in the bounty thread on Bitcointalk;

4. Once your work has been checked for compliance, we will send the reward to your EDC wallet address.

Payouts will be carried out once a month; the bounty campaign will run at least till fall-2019.

Ask all your bounty-related questions in our forum threads:



Please note that you must post a link to your work in the comments in our Bitcointalk thread to confirm your authorship.