EDC Blockchain Is Back in Turkey! |

EDC Blockchain Is Back in Turkey!

On June 17, 2019, an event dedicated to the development of the EDC Blockchain platform and ECROFund ecosystem will be held in the Turkish city of Düzce at the Düzce Sürur Otel.

At this meeting with potential investors of the project and crypto-community members speakers will cover such topics as building an independent ecosystem of global goods turnover within the framework of ECROFund project, the interaction of EDC Blockchain and ECROFund platforms and global popularization of these projects. The event will be interesting for both beginners and professionals of the crypto industry who are interested in the possibilities of expanding and tokenizing their business with the help of EDC innovative products.

The speakers at this meeting will be the leaders of the EDC Blockchain team in Turkey with extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, Ali Aslan, Vitaliy Kostiuk and Alex Saveliev.

EDC team leader in Turkey Ali Aslan

Event start: 6.00 pm

Address: Düzce, Düzce Sürur Otel