EDC Blockchain Invited to the Global Blockchain Conference, IFIC Sanya 2019 |

EDC Blockchain Invited to the Global Blockchain Conference, IFIC Sanya 2019

One of the biggest events for the entire Asian community dedicated to the blockchain and cryptocurrency, IFIC 2019, will take place in three days, on May 24-25, 2019.

In the city of Sanya, China, more than 1,500 blockchain specialists, representatives of more than 60 global enterprises, 70 media companies and over 100 investors will meet to present innovative blockchain projects and discuss the most trending topics in the field of cryptocurrency.

The EDC Blockchain management team will visit this significant event to establish strong business contacts, find new partners, present both EDC Blockchain and the ECROFund partner platform, as well as undoubtedly prove to everyone that our project has all the advantages over its competitors to become the leader in this field.

Among the invited guests, there are also representatives of financial regulators, founders of well-known blockchain projects, and high-ranking officials from different countries: CEO of Huobi Club Wang Yan, Founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, Founder of ZhenFund Bob Xu, Founder and CEO of Onchain Da Hongfei, Professor of Renmin University of China Yang Dong and many others.

On May 25, 2019, representatives of EDC Blockchain will hold a special meeting, which will be attended by leaders, experts and all interested parties. We will share our experience in using EDC, present our new products, as well as tell about the features of the ECRO marketplace and earning by leasing EDC coins to the ECROFund masternode.

We’ve also got a hot offer for you. Our company together with ECROFund will hold a super lottery. Participation rules are just as simple:

1. Put your business card in the lottery box.

2. Register for ECROFund on ecrofund.com or by using your EDC account on wallet.blockchain.mn.

3. Join the ECRO community group on WeChat (You will be provided with the QR code at the event).

Your host will randomly take business cards out of the box and announce the winners.

1 place  Business     $1000

2 place  Start          $500

3 place  Light         $100

4 place                       PowerBank

5 place                       Notebook

6 place                       Thermos

7 place                       Pen

8 place                       Flashcard

9 place                       Case for business cards

*At least two winners can take the same place.