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17128 EDC Blockchain Introduces Our Active Coordinator in Asia!

The EDC Blockchain community is a global phenomenon with the prospect of rapid spread throughout the world.  For the development of such a project, we need true leaders, cosmopolitans, those who are competent in the newest technologies and capable of taking responsibility for the implementation of the company's mission, as well as for those people who have decided to connect their lives with our project.

Sandeep is the coordinator of EDC Blockchain in Asia. He is from India, but his ambitions are international, just like all members of our company. The goal of the Sandeep’s team is to develop the ECROFund investor community both in Asia and the Middle East including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UAE and many other countries.

11 years of successful experience in business projects with specific technologies, as well as specialized education (Master's degree of Business Administration Major in Computer Applications) helped Sandeep surround himself with goal-oriented crypto-enthusiasts.

“The blockchain technology is being introduced in many important sectors of the global economy, such as banking, real estate, and IT projects.  I see opportunities for tens of thousands of people in the world to build their business or wisely invest using EDC Blockchain".

For its part, the EDC Blockchain management expresses words of maximum support to our Asian partners, hoping that very soon we will be able to introduce proudly our leaders from other continents!