EDC Blockchain. How to Start? |

EDC Blockchain. How to Start?

If you visit the official EDC Blockchain website and already know that this is a multifunctional blockchain platform that creates tools for tokenizing and scaling your business, which allows you to get daily bonuses for leasing your coins and offers various features for secure and anonymous transactions.

So what's next? Let's get started!

Are you an entrepreneur who decided to implement blockchain innovations in your project? You need the "Coin Constructor"!

This product will help you replace an HR department, the whole department of programmers, which should be hired by the HR department, a server, technical specialists, as well as financiers, who will be required by the IT department! Most importantly, it will allow you to get your bonus tokens or premium cryptocurrency with the possibility of listing on our partner exchanges! You just need to choose the package solution that fits your business goals! It's as easy, as getting a hamburger at McDonald's!

Are you tired of working to earn money and would you like the money to work for you? Learn how leasing works!

This mechanism is implemented using the LPoS consensus algorithm, which allows masternodes to form new blocks using rented proof-of-steak ownership. All the user needs is to send their coins to the masternode and receive bonuses in proportion to the amount of the leased coins. More coins - more reward. Plus, you can choose the lease period!

Do you want to exchange your bonus EDC coin safely and quickly? We recommend the most reliable and proven exchangers! If you find the process of registration, verification, deposit or withdrawal difficult, we have prepared simple step-by-step instructions to help you!

Do you want your clients to stay with you and not look at your competitors? You need to learn how encrypted transactions work!

Such functions as "code package" and "red envelope" can be used for effective loyalty campaigns, gift certificates and bonus programs, when a client can get a code from you, which they can unpack in their wallet or use in your store for new purchases or discounts. It is convenient and technologically advanced!

You are interested in everything at once but you would like to know in detail how our products work? Join our free webinars!

Every week we hold educational interactive events in three languages, where we review our technologies and features of EDC Blockchain products. You will definitely be able to understand everything and make the technology work for you and your business! 

Welcome to the world of blockchain innovations!