EDC Blockchain. Full Range of Digital Features |

EDC Blockchain. Full Range of Digital Features

EDC Blockchain is an advanced blockchain platform, representing an aggregator with its own blockchain, exchange and marketing options for any type of business.

The goal of the EDC Blockchain project is to create a convenient world-wide exchange system of goods and services based on the EDC platform, and also provide tokenization of small and medium businesses.

The EDC blockchain is based on its own modification of the well-known Graphene protocol. Thanks to that, the platform allows you to make extremely fast transactions (the bandwidth capacity reaches 100,000 TPS) with a minimum commission (the fixed commission is 0.001 EDC, regardless of the transaction amount) and provides users with the opportunity to tokenize their businesses and lease coins.

The EDC Blockchain platform has an active community of more than a million people from 57 countries that has been forming over the years. The community is also a potential point for the development and scaling up projects that have joined EDC Blockchain or used the EDC coin constructor.

The EDC Coin

The main tool of the EDC Blockchain platform and fuel for the entire ecosystem is the EDC coin, which serves as the internal coin of the project and provides access to all the services of the EDC Blockchain ecosystem.

This type of coin provides access to the functionality of the blockchain platform, while the market price for it is formed according to the law of supply and demand. The combustion mechanism is used, which maintains the natural shortage of EDC coins in circulation.

The total issuance of the EDC coin is limited to 100 billion coins. At the moment, 2,67 billion EDC coins are in free circulation according to CoinMarketCap.

EDC Coin Leasing

EDC Blockchain uses the LPoS leasing technology (literally “Leased-Proof-of-Stake”) as a replacement for mining. It is an improved version of the Proof-of-Stake protocol. In the LPoS system, users can lease their balance funds to masternodes, receiving additional bonuses daily.

The leasing functionality allows users to lease coins to masternodes for a period of 3, 6 and 12 months – it’s up to the user to choose the leasing period. The longer the leasing period, the higher the interest the user receives. The minimum deposit amount set by the system is 30,000 EDC.

At the end of the leasing period, the amount contributed by the user is returned to their balance. The user can enable the auto-renewal feature. When the leasing period is over, it will be extended for the appropriate period with the corresponding interest rates.

Coin Constructor

One of the main advantages of the EDC Blockchain platform is the innovative blockchain constructor that provides package solutions for creating your own full-fledged cryptocurrency.

Having their own tokens allows members of the EDC community to scale up their businesses and open up prospects for attracting new customers and building loyalty for existing ones.

The coin constructor offers one of the three packages for creating your own digital asset, depending on the characteristics of the token:

The “Basic” package provides the opportunity to create a coin, give it a symbol and description.

The “Plus” package makes it possible to change the maximum quantity issued when creating a coin, and change its symbol and description.

With the “Premium” package, the user can create a full-fledged cryptocurrency based on the PoS mining algorithm and select the main characteristics of the coin, such as the symbol, description, maximum issuance, the number of decimals, the leasing function, as well as the aging maturity bonus.

EDC Blockchain Wallet

At the moment, both the web version of the wallet and the mobile application for Android are fully available to users of the platform (the app can be downloaded directly from the official blockchain.mn website). Using any of the wallets allows you to use all the main features and functions of the EDC platform.

The developers of the project will soon present the iOS version of the wallet, the functionality of which is at the final stage of testing. The project team also plans to develop EDC wallet versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

In conclusion, let’s sum up the benefits of the EDC Blockchain platform:

  • It allows for the fastest transactions with a near-zero commission, which is achieved through the use of the latest blockchain technologies;
  • Platform projects are supported by the large EDC community;
  • You can get a passive income thanks to leasing your funds;
  • You are guaranteed complete safety of your funds through the use of technical innovations!