EDC Blockchain Digest: Make Fast and Secure Transactions Using a Smartphone |

EDC Blockchain Digest: Make Fast and Secure Transactions Using a Smartphone

Dear participants, now you have access to new versions of EDC Blockchain mobile wallets for iOS and Android-based devices. Download applications in the “Wallets” section on the website for free and start enjoying all the benefits of the blockchain!

When installing the iOS application, uninstall the previous version.

In new versions of applications, you can use two-factor authentication, which will increase the security of your account and ensure the reliability of the storage of your funds. To activate the function, set your email and enter a special code sent to you in the mail. A number of work has also been done to improve the performance of both mobile wallets and the web version, so that your transactions are carried out even faster.

Clustering and scaling of the EDC Blockchain platform was carried out. This ensures uninterrupted operation of the system, synchronizes data between servers even when one or more servers fail, and it becomes possible to add and improve software and hardware resources without stopping the system. All this gives you the opportunity to get reliable access to your wallets and platform services anytime, wherever you are.

Start fast and safe operations, create your own coins using the coin constructor, lease your coins and get even more bonuses every day. All this is available to you in your EDC Blockchain mobile wallet!

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