EDC Blockchain Digest |

EDC Blockchain Digest

In the middle of the week, we traditionally introduce our users to the technical work progress on the platform*. Here's a digest of the most relevant developments and improvements!

  • Interesting fact. The EDC Blockchain platform uses modified Graphene technology, so that network performance is very high, up to 100 thousand transactions per second! The EDC Blockchain platform provides the market with tools for businesses tokenization, launching loyalty programs, opportunities for scaling up projects, and other tools for entrepreneurs.

Mobile EDC Wallets

iOS. We continue to work on testing and refactoring the functionality of the EDC wallet, as well as minor improvements in wallet performance in the “Apple environment”*.

  • iPhone and iPad Apps have many significant advantages due to common standards for developers and high standards from the App Store. This guarantees the uninterrupted operation of EDC functionality, the main of which is “Coin Leasing”. By renting your coins to a masternode, you can receive bonuses every day and manage funds from anywhere in the world!

Android.  We process user feedback after the App release on Google Play. This allows us to fix minor issues for the next update. Also, we are testing and refactoring the developed functionality of the EDC wallet*.

  • Do you know that an EDC wallet allows your smartphone to become an effective tool for making business, increasing your sales and customer loyalty? Download the wallet for free on the “Wallets” tab of the official EDC Blockchain website and use the functionality to develop your business and receive bonuses right to your wallet!

EDC Wallet Web-version*

For this version, we continue to work on improving performance and optimization.

  • If you read this digest in Chrome, Opera, or Explorer, the EDC Blockchain browser wallet could work in the next open browser window right now. By using any of the proposed packages in the “Coin Constructor” section, your business will receive its own token or premium cryptocurrency in just a few clicks!

Cryptocurrency Nodes*

The masternodes’ work optimization continues, as well as the increase in network fault tolerance.

  • Got or sent a transaction? The speed with which funds are credited to the recipient's account depends on the efficiency of the EDC Blockchain network masternodes. Our users are already accustomed to instant transfers, and we strive only to raise the bar of their expectations.

EDC Blockchain Platform

The last week’s main event was the launch of the EDCe (ERC-20) exchange token. For all platform users, a functionality was developed in the wallet for exchanging EDCst coins for EDCe tokens (ERC-20)! The functionality of depositing and withdrawing of custom EDC tokens to cryptocurrency exchanges and vice versa* has also been developed.

  • You can receive a daily 1% bonus on the difference between exchanging EDC-coins for ERC-tokens and the subsequent reverse exchange! The principle is simple: more tokens — more bonuses. Read more about it here.

That is all for now. See you in the new digest next week!

EDC Blockchain Development Team