EDC Blockchain Digest |

EDC Blockchain Digest

Dear users, we would like to share the results of the updates carried out during the last week.

Blockchain Explorer updated 

Our specialists have updated the data on the number of coins burned for transactions on the EDC Blockchain platform. You can see the current information in the Block Explorer

Users can also burn any amount of coins to create the shortage in the market, as well as to reach ranks that affect your transaction fees. Reaching Rank 3 provides 0% commissions and the ability to create a witness node to receive node rewards. 

In the explorer, you can see all the digital information, including the number of blocks created, wallet addresses, active witnesses, transaction data and balances that are leased to receive bonuses. Each participant can check the balance of any public address and view any transaction details on the blockchain, making them transparent and immutable, which is the principle of a decentralized blockchain.

A partner program is being developed

In the EDC Blockchain wallet, there will be introduced a simple partner program as a tool for obtaining additional bonuses. This will be a 3-level partner program, which will help get rewards from the lease contributions of your partners. 

How does it work? 

  • Each user will have an affiliate link in their wallet. 
  • The user invites new users via their link. 
  • Partners who have registered by following your link will join your team. 
  • You will receive rewards from your partners' leasing contributions. 
  • Your partners will also receive bonuses by inviting new partners.

The ease of use of such a tool allows each EDC user to build a team so that each of the partners can also develop their team up to three levels. By increasing the number of active partners, the user increases the number of their bonuses. 

EDC Blockchain strives to create conditions of motivation and provide affordable blockchain tools for everyone! 

Thank you for being with us!

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