EDC Blockchain Digest |

EDC Blockchain Digest

Here's a new digest of technical news from the EDC Blockchain team! Our specialists continue to upgrade all the company's products and develop additional functionality for the convenience of each user.

The key to all EDC Blockchain features is an EDC Wallet. It helps get access to all the functionality of the platform: you can send or receive EDC coins, lease the coins to the masternode, transfer or unpack your code, as well as use the coin constructor right in the EDC Wallet.

Every minute new users join the EDC Blockchain platform. Network load and the number of transactions is growing dynamically, so our technical team is always focused on the wallet and mobile applications operation.

EDC wallet for iOS devices

Each update on the platform offers even more benefits to users. At the same time, sometimes there are issues related to changing user experience, which we immediately solve. Currently, we are testing the user feedback module and processing the first feedbacks to take it into account when the next update is released.

EDC wallet for Android devices

This week, we are working on testing the feedback module for Android-based wallets. The EDC Blockchain platform strives to provide a better quality of service on any gadget, regardless of the type of device and operating system.

EDC wallet web version

We are working to improve performance and optimization, which will significantly speed up the work of the wallet, as well as improve security in conditions of slow or unstable connection.

You can use the EDC Blockchain platform from anywhere in the world at any time, enjoying the safe and fast operation of our products and service! See you next week!