EDC Blockchain Digest |

EDC Blockchain Digest

This week our specialists are performing a number of works aimed at improving the quality of the service provided and increasing the performance of the platform and mobile applications, such as:

  • The modules of ranks and user witness nodes are being tested. Users started to apply for the creation of witness accounts, which are processed by the platform administration, and nodes are added to the blockchain for signing blocks. Each witness account receives a daily reward of 0.1 EDC for each block signed by their node and 10% of the commissions, distributed among all witnesses. The remaining 90% of commissions are burned by the system.

As a reminder, users who have reached Rank 3 can deploy a witness node and receive a reward for their node operation.

  • We are collecting feedback on the operation of the rank and user witness node modules. You can send your feedback to our support team.
  • Optimization of the operation of the cryptocurrency nodes and network fault tolerance is carried out. This maintains the viability of the blockchain and ensures the speed and reliability of transactions.
  • The functionality of iOS and Android-based wallets, as well as the performance of the wallet web version are being improved. This will help even more securely transfer coins between wallets, as well as replenish accounts on partner projects, such as EDC Auction, which allows you to participate in auctions, and the ECRO trading platform, where you can sell or buy various products.

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