EDC Blockchain Digest |

EDC Blockchain Digest


The EDC Blockchain team is preparing the blockchain for the switching to global decentralization. Now everyone can become one of the validators, making any decisions in the project and receiving rewards for confirmed blocks.

Our goal is to increase the value of the project and give the EDC coin a new life in a decentralized environment, which will become an independent free economic zone of the EVERY DAY COIN community. We will become a team of enthusiasts, continuing to develop additional blockchain tools, but making changes to the blockchain will be possible only through reaching a consensus between the validators. 

Developers are running tests in a decentralized environment and deploying and adding test nodes to the blockchain. EDC Blockchain is preparing to provide users with the ability to create witness accounts: at this stage, you will be able to download and install witness nodes, after which they will be included in the blockchain by voting, and users will be able to receive additional rewards for confirming blocks.


Before the full transition to decentralization, we begin the denomination process, as a result of which several decimals will be removed from the EDC coin. The EDC coin is expected to grow 1,000 times in value as the supply of coins decreases 1,000 times. Thus, how the market behaves in the future will depend on each coin holder. Only by combining our common efforts, keeping coins from selling but leasing them, we can achieve the desired EDC value. 

During the denomination process, all trading on the exchanges were temporarily suspended. Upon the completion of the process, trading will start at a different price.


The ranks module is being developed. Users will be able to get ranks, which will determine the size of the transaction fees they pay: when a user is ranked 3rd, their commission will be equal to 0.

Upon reaching a certain rank, the user will be able to deploy their own EDC Blockchain node, get a witness account and confirm blocks, receiving an additional reward for this. 

Thanks to this, only active users who receive rewards in return for their activity will be able to grow and develop in EDC Blockchain.

Stay up to date on conditions for reaching ranks and project development in a decentralized environment! Thank you all for believing in our project, because together we can do more!