EDC Blockchain Digest |

EDC Blockchain Digest

EDC Blockchain developers of work every day to improve all platform elements. This is a short news release on development directions this week.

EDC Blockchain mobile wallet apps for Android/iOS

Two-factor authentication modules are being developed for both versions of the wallet. When the 2FA function is enabled, you need to enter the authorization code sent by email. This feature provides an additional security level when working on the platform and ensures that only you can log into your account!

We continue to refactor applications code and optimize their functionality, as well as to conduct testing and improve the operation of iOS and Android EDC Blockchain mobile wallet versions. Therefore, you get convenient access to all the platform functionality directly from your mobile phone!

EDC Blockchain architecture 

More than 1.3 million accounts are already registered on our platform! So that even the simultaneous work of all users does not affect platform performance and transaction speed, we are constantly clustering and scaling the platform, as well as optimizing the cryptocurrency nodes operation in the EDC blockchain to increase the platform resiliency!

Besides, we are improving the module for exchanging EDC bonus coins for EDC-20 tokens and reverse exchange of tokens for coins, as well as EDC-20 tokens deposit and withdrawal modules. Due to this, you can conveniently deposit EDC-20 tokens from partner exchanges to the EDC Blockchain wallet, exchange them for coins, and receive even more leasing bonuses every day!

On May 14, 2020, the commissions functional will be updated in the EDC Blockchain network and you will be able to create and manage your own masternode on our blockchain! The commission for ordinary transfers, check codes, and red envelopes will be 0.1% of the transaction amount, for anonymous transfers — 1% of the transaction amount.

That is all for today! Choose EDC Blockchain, and get the most advanced services and tools for developing your business, expanding your customer base, running loyalty programs and promotions, receiving bonuses, and improving your daily life!