EDC Blockchain Digest |

EDC Blockchain Digest

Here's the EDC Blockchain development team, and today we will tell you about technical improvements on our blockchain platform this week! Use the EDC Blockchain services conveniently!


We are developing a two-factor authentication module for the EDC Blockchain mobile wallet application on iOS/Android devices. This will ensure the security of users' funds and personal data. This method of authorization excludes attempts of unauthorized access to the user's account even if the password is lost or stolen.

Thus, our designers are working on drawing status screens when you log in your wallet.


Extensive tests of EDC Blockchain wallet functionality for mobile applications continues to make your work with them even more convenient!


The functionality of the EDC Blockchain wallet for iOS devices is at the optimization stage.


Processing of user feedback from Play Market, where the EDC Blockchain mobile wallet was released, continues. The analysis of your experience with the application is very valuable, as it will help us refine and optimize the code elements for better wallet performance.

The additional work on the EDC/EDC-20 exchange module in the web version of the wallet is done, as well as on the EDC-20 token deposit/withdrawal modules. Users who have received additional tokens in Airdrop on our partner exchanges are now actively exchanging EDC-20 for EDC coins.  Therefore, the revision of the corresponding module is aimed at reliability in case of a large flow of requests.

We optimize and improve the performance of the web version of the EDC Blockchain wallet! The web wallet is very popular among our users, despite the significant growth in the number of people who use mobile applications.

We also optimize the work of cryptocurrency nodes of the blockchain network, which will increase the network fault tolerance parameters. This will allow maintaining the speed of transactions and the formation of new blocks at a familiar level for users.

The EDC Blockchain platform is continuously clustered and scaled to provide higher reliability and availability for users located in different parts of the world.

That's all for now! We continue to work intensively to improve all EDC Blockchain's products so that you can tokenize and scale your business, make payments and transactions quickly and safely, and conduct loyalty programs with the EDC coin!

See you in a week!