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EDC Blockchain Coin Constructor

One of the main advantages of the EDC Blockchain platform is an innovative blockchain constructor that provides turnkey package solutions for creating your own full-fledged digital assets with a specific set of properties for various types of small and medium-sized businesses and startups.

Users can create any asset - from a simple token for a business with relatively low turnover to a full-fledged cryptocurrency with advanced features and a PoS mining algorithm. Own custom tokens can be used to launch and implement startups, crowdfunding, and tokenization of any type of business.

The EDC blockchain-based Coin Constructor allows you to issue, store, trade and manage your own digital assets, which opens up a number of new opportunities for users to tokenize all kinds of small and medium business.

Thanks to their business tokenization, users can significantly expand its scaling potential and find new sources of development. In addition, a large EDC community participants from 57 countries will contribute to business development thanks to which user projects will not go unnoticed and will always be in the spotlight of the EDC community, consisting of more than 1.2 million active registered users, receiving their support.

Another advantage of the Coin Constructor is that users can count on wide advertising and marketing support for their project, as well as the ability to list their own token on the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges — partners of EDC Blockchain.

Coin Constructor from EDC Blockchain has a simple, convenient and intuitive interface. The user just needs to set the initial preferences, depending on the package, and the constructor will automatically do all the rest.

To start creating your own token or coin, you need to go to your user account and open the “Coin Constructor” section:

EDC Blockchain coin constructor presents one of three package solutions for users to create their own digital token with all the properties and a set of characteristics that are most suitable for a particular user.

After choosing the appropriate package and setting the necessary characteristics, click the “Create Asset” button at the bottom of the screen:

Tokenization of business based on the EDC blockchain opens up wide opportunities for its growth and diversification of assets in the market. This has been proven by many successful cases that have brought real benefits to businessmen, various companies and startups. Our blockchain community is an independent and multi-million audience that becomes accessible to all companies using the blockchain in their business.

The key advantages of using the EDC Blockchain Сoin Сonstructor are, firstly, the absence of intermediaries that you have to trust: each intermediary increases the complexity and cost of the transaction, as well as reduces its security. Own cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology completely solves the issue of trust to counterparties.

Secondly, when tokenizing a business, the user gets the opportunity to divide any asset into an unlimited number of virtual shares, each of which will represent a separate token. Thanks to this, you can get additional liquidity.

Thus, a user working with the Coin Constructor from EDC Blockchain receives many additional advantages, such as increased security for all transactions through Graphene technology, automation of business processes and complete transparency of the work of all parties involved in the business. Moreover, users can use their own token for loyalty programs and all kinds of promotions.

More information on the product with a detailed description of the procedure for creating your own coin can be found on the official EDC Blockchain website in the “Instructions” section.

To integrate your own token into affiliate exchanges, you must use the API, which is available on the GitHub website or on the official EDC website.

The list of exchanges on which EDC Blockchain provides users with the opportunity to list their own token and detailed tariff information can be obtained by sending an email request.