EDC Blockchain Bonuses Given All Year Long! |

EDC Blockchain Bonuses Given All Year Long!

Dear users! We are celebrating 1 year since the multifunctional EDC Blockchain platform provided its users with the opportunity to use the unique EDC coins leasing function and receive daily bonuses for this! The first deposits were made on March 22, 2019, while on the next day, the first leasing accruals were sent to the sender's wallet!

Thanks to this feature, many users in Latin America, Asia, Europe, Africa throughout the year formed their capital and were so successful that they purchased new gadgets, houses, and cars for EDC bonuses! Almost 1.3 million EDC wallets are already registered in the EDC Blockchain system, which can receive rewards for leasing, therefore, their number continues to increase!

Coin leasing works as simply as follows:

  1. A user leases coins to a masternode.
  2. The system “freezes” these coins for the period you choose, that is available due to the use of the LPoS (Leased Proof-of-Stake) algorithm.
  3. The rewards received by the masternode for its work are proportionally distributed every day between users who rented their coins.

You don’t need to have an understanding of deep technology or have great computing power, as it is necessary when mining. The leasing function is available directly in the EDC Blockchain wallet. To receive daily accruals, create your wallet athttps://blockchain.mn/en/wallets-en and start leasing EDC coins to a masternode.

Actually, you get your own “digital cooperative”, where your coins work to support the operation of the entire EDC blockchain. The fact is that the speed of the masternode directly depends on a certain number of coins on its balance. A masternode is a node that is responsible for validating transactions and generating new blocks every 3 seconds. Thus, EDC Blockchain connects users even with a small stack to ensure the security and reliability of the network.

Use your bonuses to exchange for thousands of goods and services in the ECRO marketplace or the EDCShop Telegram store, or exchange for EDCe tokens (erc-20) designed for trading on exchanges!

EDC Blockchain provides you with the most advanced tools for development and opens new possibilities for everyone!