ECRO Supernode Balance Has Exceeded 3 Billion EDC! |

ECRO Supernode Balance Has Exceeded 3 Billion EDC!

Today the balance of the EDC blockchain supernode has exceeded 3 billion EDC coins. This is more than half of all units currently released. Thus, a very few coins remain in the market in free circulation, which consequently causes their deficit. By now, the number of free circulating coins is about 2.6 billion EDC.

The unique EDC Blockchain product allows EDC holders to lease their assets from 1000 EDC to a supernode. These coins are locked-up for a chosen period — 3, 6 or 12 months — in exchange for receiving a reward. The longer the term of freezing the deposit, the greater the bonus amount accrued. This naturally leads to the emerging of circulating coins deficit and maintains the stability of the exchange rate.

The main goal of the EDC Blockchain team and EDC community members is to build an independent ecosystem, where users receive internal bonuses and obtain the resources necessary to meet everyday needs and to invest in their future!

You can track the current number of coins issued and their transfers in our block explorer section

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