ECRO Place. Marketplace Based on Blockchain |

ECRO Place. Marketplace Based on Blockchain

The world is changing. Moreover, the speed of these changes is only increasing. Some 30 years ago, people used wired bulky phones. And today they make payments directly from the screen of their smartphone and can use the Internet in an airplane at an altitude of 12 kilometers.

If the period between 2000-2010 was the time of the Internet technologies breakthrough, then 2015-2020 is definitely the era of blockchain! The words “Bitcoin” or “Cryptocurrencies” could not be heard only by the owners of tube TVs.

About the same evolution is now happening with commerce. Markets and small shops moved first to shopping malls, and then to global Internet sites like Amazon or Alibaba.

What is the next logical step in e-commerce? This, of course, is the transition to blockchain technology.

But the paradox of today is that cryptocurrency holders have practically no opportunity to use their crypto-assets for direct purchases. The way of numerous swaps through exchanges and specialized exchange platforms, with prolonged transactions and high commissions — is clearly not an advantage over almost instant payments through bank aggregators.

ECRO System has set itself a revolutionary objective: to create a full-fledged marketplace that would work on blockchain technology.

ECRO Place will provide manufacturers and suppliers with all the benefits of e-commerce with instant and secure transactions, plus a motivated community, and customers - with a choice of hundreds of thousands of goods and services that can be paid with cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds.

How does it work?

All ECRO Place users go through a simple registration, in which they determine their role on the platform themselves - the consumer of goods and services, or the seller.

Further, the seller verifies his account, getting a set of ready-made modules for fully-fledged work on ECRO Place. The online assistant ECRA, which works on artificial intelligence technology, will give tips on how to successfully activate each module and start trading. The seller will have a crypto-merchant, modules for receiving and placing orders, and absolutely everything to be successful.

The buyer receives the variety and convenience of choosing any categories of goods, as well as the opportunity to immediately pay for the selected orders from his crypto wallet.

The advantages of ECRO Place

Sellers get the opportunity to save their time and money. After all, now there is no need to open an outlet, engage in marketing activities, launch sales, or search for a source of traffic. All these processes are automated. Any financial risks are minimized - transaction security is guaranteed by the Graphene protocol.

But, the most important, of course - are the customers. After all, this is the main link in any business chain. Our community consists of motivated, modern, ambitious people, focused on the popularization of blockchain innovations.

There is no doubt that our users, having met any familiar competitive product or service at ECRO Place, will begin to buy it, bypassing traditional online stores. Thanks to this, we will increase turnover in the real sector of the economy so noticeably that this will create a trend for the global transition of small and medium-sized businesses to blockchain rails.

History knows many examples when revolutions destroyed the old order without creating any positive changes. But the revolution that ECRO Place is making now in the blockchain and e-commerce industry can forever change the usual course of things, making the lives of millions of people on the Earth more comfortable!