ECRO Marketplace of the New Millennium! |

ECRO Marketplace of the New Millennium!

How fast the world changes! Only 30 years ago, people used tube TVs and bulky mobile phones! Now they are watching online streaming directly from their smartphone screens, as well as paying for purchases with it!

A similar evolution is taking place in the world of trading: markets and small shops have moved first to shopping malls and then to global internet portals such as Amazon or Alibaba.

Blockchain time

What is the next logical stage of online trading? This is definitely a transition to blockchain technology.

Introducing ECRO, the next generation of marketplace! Now blockchain technology is also used here!

ECRO is an innovative trading platform based on blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and integration of cryptocurrency payments.

Blockchain-marketplace comprehensively closes the weaknesses of any business: consumer confidence, financial security, project scalability, high operating costs, competition.

Thousands of manufacturers and consumers from 57 countries of the world, who are members of the ECRO System community, meet on the global platform of ECRO. Perhaps, this audience is the main value of the marketplace. 

How it works

In order to organize trade, each vendor verifies the seller's account, into which the merchant cryptocurrency is integrated, and receives ready-made modules to place its goods and services, to receive and service orders, to interact with customers.

Manufacturers have access to a coin constructor that allows them to create their own tokens, from a simple token to a premium coin, and use them to create loyalty shares and bonus programs.

Buyers get a variety and convenience in choosing any categories of goods, as well as the opportunity to immediately pay for selected orders from their crypto-wallets, including coins they received on the platform as bonuses for activity and participation in promotions.

Advantages of ECRO

For vendors, ECRO will open up many additional advantages over traditional online marketplaces: it will increase trade turnover by introducing using a cryptocurrency as a means of payment for products and services, as well as save on additional costs that hamper business development.

Sellers are able to save time and money. After all, now there is no need to open a point of sale, to engage in marketing, launch sales, search for the source of traffic. All these processes are automated. Any financial risks are minimized through the security of transactions that is guaranteed by the Graphene protocol. 

Buyers can have a reliable and functional online store, along with a source of regular bonus payments for loyalty, as well as cashback. Also, cryptographically extracted tokens can add value, which increases the purchasing power for its owner!

A virtual assistant named ECRA will study the client's preferences, offering cross-products and helping to navigate the platform.

Future prospects for ECRO 

The website is actively developing in the Asian market - in China, Indonesia, South Korea, as well as in the countries of Latin America and Europe, as residents of these regions have the highest demand for technological products. However, the far-reaching goal of the project is to build a global ecosystem with participants from all over the world.

The management of the ECRO System considers the development of the project to be the most important in the Asian market segment, especially in South Korea. First of all it is explained by the fact that the South Korean market is a kind of litmus paper for the latest world technologies. The residents of South Korea are among the first to react to all the current demands of society and modern trends, and very quickly implement innovations into their markets.

ECRO System products were presented to the South Korean community at the WBS MARVELS blockchain summit in Singapore in July 2019. Thanks to active networking, the ECRO System management secured the support of South Korean representatives of blockchain associations, project managers and investors at the summit. 

During private meetings with South Korean opinion leaders, the heads of the ECRO System were invited to present their products at the next WBS MARVELS summit, which will take place on 19 and 20 November 2019 in Seoul. Thus, step by step, the ECRO System implements the strategy to enter the South Korean market.

The company has formed a detailed roadmap for the development of the project, which provides logistics services, chatbots, email notifications and many other additional services for the comfort and success of all the users.

Participants will be able to follow the development of ECRO on social media of the project such as Facebook and Twitter, where all important events are covered in detail.

Trend of the newest times

There is no doubt that our users, having met any usual competitive product or service on the ECRO marketplace, will start to buy it, bypassing traditional online shops. Thanks to this, we will increase our turnover in the real sector of the economy so noticeably that it will create a trend for the global transition of small and medium-sized businesses to a blockchain.

History knows many examples where revolutions have destroyed old things without creating any positive change. But the revolution that ECRO's blockchain and e-commerce marketplace is now making can change the way things go forever, making the lives of millions of people on Earth more comfortable! 

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