Ecra: an AI Chatbot Guides You on the Platform |

Ecra: an AI Chatbot Guides You on the Platform

Today we will talk about introducing a special tool, the Ecra chatbot with artificial intelligence, which allows all members of the community with various backgrounds to make the most of their entrepreneurial opportunities on the EDC Blockchain platform.

Ecra is based on a service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and can match a user's phrase in their native language. Such popular assistants as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, PayPal, eBay and many other services and companies are created on such basis.

Ecra already operates on the EDC Blockchain platform. To ask a question, open the “Chat” in the lower right corner of the site  

Enter any question about the platform in a special form, for example, how to get leasing bonuses, and get a detailed answer! Ecra is now your personal online assistant that is evolving and self-learning.

Why do you need Ecra?

Every owner of a small and medium-sized business who wants to promote their business with the help of our high-tech tools or get new customers (more than 1.3 million accounts are registered in EDC Blockchain), but does not know how, can always ask Ecra for help.

For example, you have your own flower shop, and you want to increase sales, start providing gift certificates for your next purchase in order to attract customers. Ask Ecra. She will tell you that in EDC Blockchain there is a whole functionality for this: a code packet, red envelopes, and will explain how to use it. If you are not new to blockchain, you have already purchased EDC coins and heard that you can increase your balance right in your personal wallet just by leasing your own coins, ask Ecra how to do this and she will explain in detail. The chatbot functionality will also be useful for sellers of goods and services at the affiliate marketplace. Over time, the ability to analyze user requests will be introduced into the bot’s functionality, which will help improve the quality of all processes on the platform, thereby attracting an even wider audience.

Moreover, it is easy to use Ecra's free services, just open a chat bot and write your message with. Having analyzed your request, Ecra will instantly produce a result by texting you back.

What can ECRA do?

The uniqueness of the online assistant is in a completely new approach: the dialogue mechanism will be implemented not in the “user - bot” direction, but in the “user - operator - bot” direction!

This mechanism is implemented as follows:

  • Agent bot responses do not appear in the dialogue with users, but in the response input window of our chat operator,
  • The chat operator confirms the absence of errors or edits the response,
  • The response of the bot is transmitted to the user.

Development of the Assistant will include connecting contact details via API to our products. Thanks to this, the bot will be able to operate on user-specific data: to help find out the details of a particular operation by transaction number, advise a product or service based on an analysis of the data of the recommendation system, find the nearest point of delivery of the goods based on the geolocation of the user and vendor, and much more.

Over time, our bot will be able to learn the full support of users without operator intervention and communicate with them in different languages ​​at the media level, saving you time.

A separate agent will be connected to each product of the multifunctional EDC Blockchain platform and the ECRO System ecosystem. The first two bots are created for EDC Blockchain and ECRO Marketplace. These agents are in the intensive training phase.

They work in the FAQ format: all questions and answers from the support file are included in the program. At the same time, we are working on the development of the bot's ability to build dialog chains and use buttons with options in dialogs.

So, Ecra's online assistant will help you measure and predict user needs, improve the quality of services provided and optimize site throughput. Ecra literally reveales how to work on the site!

Take advantage of our platform together with Ecra chatbot, get 24/7 support in your language and expand your business anywhere in the world with the help of technological tools EDC Blockchain and ECRO System!

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