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Digest. Weekly Insights

Upcoming WhatsApp features 

WhatsApp will provide a new feature that will allow you to make transfers in cryptocurrency as quickly as sending files and pictures. To use the feature, users will need to have Novi e-wallet recently launched by Meta (formerly Facebook). Initially, it is planned to launch the function for US citizens. 

Craig Wright's trial 

A US court ordered Craig Wright (self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto) to pay $100 million to the family of former business partner Dave Kleiman, who died in 2013. The Kleiman family claimed that Wright had misappropriated 1.1 million BTC ($ 56 billion) of W&K Info Defense Research, founded by Kleiman. 

Kleiman's representative insisted on a version of a business partnership between the two businessmen and the joint development of a bitcoin payment system, while Wright's lawyer stated that the ward himself created the first cryptocurrency. 

Research firm WizSec believes that neither Wright nor Kleiman were involved in the creation of Bitcoin, but are arguing about fictional assets. 

Craig Wright stated that his "victory" in court is a recognition of the fact that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Visa supports cryptocurrencies 

Following MasterCard, representatives of the Visa payment system decided to support the introduction of cryptocurrencies in the financial sector and are launching a consulting crypto service for companies and retailers. Users will be able to receive advice on blockchain issues, the implementation of cryptocurrencies in enterprises and NFT tokens. Visa announced that the American bank UMB is their first client. 

Last year, Visa processed crypto payments worth approximately $3.5 billion which indicates a growing demand for cryptocurrency that needs to be met with new projects. 

In addition to the good news: Visa's partner, British fintech company Wirex, announced that it plans to launch bank cards in Ukraine, with which it will be possible to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies. Several million Europeans already use such cards. Now for Ukrainians, a cryptocurrency trading service is available in the Wirex application, as well as the opening of accumulative crypto accounts, allowing you to receive up to 16% of bonuses per year. 

In comparison, there is a staking program on the EDC Blockchain platform, using which users can receive up to 36% of bonuses per year. You need to send your coins to the EDC system to generate new coins and receive daily bonuses back to your balance. 

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