Digest. The Confrontation Between Binance and Regulators, the Search for Crypto Employees, and Where to Keep BEP-20 Tokens |

Digest. The Confrontation Between Binance and Regulators, the Search for Crypto Employees, and Where to Keep BEP-20 Tokens

We’ve selected current crypto events for our community. 

BEP-20 tokens can be managed in Ledger 

The Ledger hardware wallet has added support for tokens (BEP-20) created on the Binance Smart Chain, as well as Binance's native coin (BNB). 

This opens up more opportunities for users of EDCB tokens of the BEP-20 standard. You can manage your tokens both in the official EDC Blockchain wallets, which are practically not susceptible to hacker attacks thanks to the use of the PoS consensus mechanism and attracting validators, as well as in Ledger cold wallets that do not require a permanent Internet connection. 

Swapping tokens to the BEP-20 standard completes on EDC Blockchain 

Conversion of all custom EDC (ERC-20) tokens to EDCB (BEP-20) tokens has been carried out in the EDC Blockchain system. Migration to the new BEP-20 standard due to the increase in the price of Ethereum gas allows users to carry out faster transactions with the EDCB tokens and save on fees. You can also keep BNBs in the EDC Blockchain wallet and pay for gas in BNB when conducting transactions with your tokens. 

Binance complies with the regulator's requirements, but what next? 

At the end of June, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) presented a number of requirements to the British division of the Binance exchange, banning them from doing any activities in the UK. On August 25, 2021, the FCA said that Binance had complied with all the regulator's requirements, without specifying details. 

Binance had to reconsider its services to comply with regulators' requirements, as well as hire several former government and regulatory officials for leadership positions and tighten verification requirements on the exchange. Starting from August, new customers will be required to provide ID details and pass intermediate verification. 

Walmart in search of crypto employees 

Following the online retailer Amazon, the hypermarket chain Walmart corporation has published a vacancy for the head of crypto products, who will create a development strategy in the field of digital currencies and make the company the leader in this field. This month, both the British conglomerate Lloyds Banking Group and the Israeli military intelligence Mossad announced the search for crypto specialists too. 

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are no longer considered as something exotic, as they were several years ago. Along with the expansion of the blockchain industry and the demand for crypto experts, the threshold for entering the industry has increased. Even 4 years ago, the threshold for entering the Bitcoin market was $1,000 on average, while now the required amount has increased by 5-10 times. Thus, everyone who bought Bitcoins in 2017 and managed to keep them by 2021 increased their income tenfold. 

EDC Blockchain develops blockchain products that anyone can use, regardless of their financial situation. On the contrary, using the platform’s digital tools, you can increase standard of living: earn daily rewards by staking EDC coins, increase company's turnover and pay employees bonuses in EDCs, become a validator and support the network, as well as take part in the development of the EDC Blockchain community in 57 countries. 

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are among the fastest growing technology sectors and hold no less promise than the colonization of Mars, artificial intelligence, drones and self-driving cars. 

Let’s step into the technological future with EDC Blockchain! 

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