Digest. New Opportunities for Crypto Users |

Digest. New Opportunities for Crypto Users


Starting from the new year, US residents will be able to pay for purchases with cryptocurrency on Amazon. Payments will go through e-commerce partner Venmo owned by PayPal. Prior to this, the marketplace accepted only bank cards for payment. 


Apple CEO Tim Cook has invested in cryptocurrencies, though he said Apple has no plans to accept digital money for payment yet. 

Elon Musk (Tesla) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter) are among other great entrepreneurs who have already invested in cryptocurrencies. 


According to a local source, the Zimbabwean government is considering legalizing cryptocurrencies to meet the growing population's demand for digital assets. Negotiations with business companies are searching for a way to regulate the shortcomings of cryptocurrencies associated with fraud and criminal activity.     

During the crisis in 2017, Bitcoin became the most popular currency in Zimbabwe. As many local residents said, converting the national currency into Bitcoin has become the only way to save their funds. 


The Islamic Council of Indonesia announced that cryptocurrencies are against Sharia law and should be banned for all Muslims. This is due to speculation in the market, which causes excitement and risks. Digital assets can only be permitted if they are to be used as a payment means for real goods and services. 

Cryptocurrencies will not be officially banned, since the decisions of the council are not legally binding, thus, the Indonesian authorities are in favor of the development of the crypto market and trading. In addition, a vast EDC Blockchain community is developing in Indonesia, ranking 2nd after Latin America in terms of the number of participants. 

The EDC coin is a bonus utility coin created for use in everyday life, including for use as a means of payment for goods and services. 

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