Decentralized Development Strategy for the EDC Blockchain Project |

Decentralized Development Strategy for the EDC Blockchain Project

Dear friends, we present you a roadmap for the long-term development of the EDC Blockchain project. We have developed our strategic vision, and the team is working on the creation of new blockchain tools for entrepreneurs and partners.

In the preliminary version of the main decentralized EDC Blockchain network, test nodes are already being deployed and connected to the blockchain, after which the decentralized network will be launched, and each of the participants can become a validator, receiving rewards for the work of the nodes. Thus, we will move away from centralization, while the project will depend only on the collective decision of the validators, who will become equal participants in the network. Further actions of the team will be performed in priority order.

Check out the project roadmap: 

1. Adding a partner program to the EDC wallet

2. Adding ranks to the wallet

3. Implementation of a coin burning mechanism in the wallet and a counter to track the burning of coins, applied to increase the rank

4. Changing the transaction fee depending on the user’s rank

5. Affiliate distribution of the staked amounts

6. Affiliate distribution of burnt coins

7. Creation of DeFi securing the EDC20 token

8. Enabling the decentralized exchange of the EDC20 token for the EDC coin

9. Listing EDC20 on Uniswap and implementation of other exchange protocols

10. Creation of DeFi securing the EDC coin

11. Creation of Smart Contracts on the basis of EDC Blockchain

12. Creation of the DeFi protocol based on EDC Blockchain. EDC is a tool for securing tokens and coins created on the EDC blockchain through the DeFi mechanism

13. Application of the EDC coins as a means of payment in the exchange of goods and services

We will keep you updated with details of upcoming releases and long-term goals. You can send your suggestions to the EDC Blockchain technical support.

Be with us and follow the news!