Crypto News and the Transformation of the Global Economy |

Crypto News and the Transformation of the Global Economy

2020 was a year of global crisis, panic and fear, when people all over the world had to get used to new living conditions during a pandemic and a gradual transition to digitalization, ie., working and studying online, saving money, looking for alternative sources of income and investing in various projects. For crypto holders, 2020 was not just good, but even successful. Let’s see why.

Ethereum Hits $1000 

After Bitcoin renewed its all-time high ($3400) and was followed by a correction, Ethereum hit a four digit price tag. On Binance, ETH is trading at $1110. 

In 2017, the Bitcoin rally forced altcoins to grow, making Ethereum to be traded at $1400. So far, this is its maximum value so far.

The amount of coins in ETH 2.0 staking exceeds $1.6 million 

The price of “cryptocurrency №2” was favorably affected by the reduction in the active supply of tokens. Thanks to the launch of the staking mechanism in Ethereum 2.0, users began to hold their coins on balances to be a validator, participate in block confirmation and receive rewards for the block confirmation. 

Since the beginning of December 2020, 52,499 validators have been involved in Ethereum staking, storing 1,679,784 coins. The maximum annual yield of the Ethereum validator can range from 2 to 20%. With the increase in deposits, the interest rate fell to 9.83%, according to StakingRewards

In the EDC Blockchain roadmap, we announced the creation of a new staking program this year with an annual yield of 36%. Unlike Ethereum, which users need to make a deposit of 32 ETH or more to participate in staking, there will be no restrictions on deposits in EDC Blockchain staking.

12 years since the launch of the Bitcoin network 

On January 3, 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin mainnet and mined a genesis block with 50 BTC. The need to create Bitcoin is associated with the financial crisis in 2007-2008, when enterprises were closed, people lost their jobs and were looking for a "safety cushion". 

January 12, 2009, the first transaction was made. Satoshi sent 10 BTC to Hal Finney, an American programmer who worked closely with Satoshi Nakamoto.

Since that time Bitcoin has increased by 45 million %.

Against the background of a record increase in the value of Bitcoin, the number of Twitter accounts that tweets about Bitcoin exceeded 64,000.

Large Bitcoin holders invest in expensive cars 

American car dealer Vegas Auto Gallery reported that up to 5% of luxury car deals are carried out in Bitcoin through payment provider BitPay, which converts Bitcoin into US dollars. 

According to the auto dealer, there were two recent deals worth more than $6 million in Bitcoin. The Vegas Auto Gallery range includes Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini. 

Changes in technological structures, material values ​​and regulatory mechanisms contribute to the transformation of the world economy, in which cryptocurrency is no longer a speculative means, but gradually acquires the status of a means of payment. 

As a result, new markets, forms of communication, approaches to organizing and managing the production of goods and provision of services appear. The EDC Blockchain community will implement a new approach to applying the EDC bonus utility coin, the foundation of which was laid at the very beginning.

Let us remind you when an Indian participant bought a house with EDC coins, while users from Nigeria, Indonesia, India and Pakistan bought new cars. In China, a smartphone was purchased for EDC, and a round-the-world trip could be bought for EDC at one of the Nigerian travel agencies. This is the best proof of an effective strategy for using EDC coins!

Each of you can exchange EDC coins for goods and services on the partner ECRO marketplace, gamblers can participate in EDC auctions and win goods or receive cashback with 1000% profit, traders can trade coins, contributing to its growth, entrepreneurs - to develop their business using EDC coins, while large owners become validators in order to maintain the functioning of the blockchain in a decentralized environment and receive income for the operation of their nodes.

Do you know of another close-knit community that has been provided with such opportunities? 

If you are not yet registered for EDC Blockchain, now is the best time to create your wallet and start applying the EDC coin!

Download the EDC Blockchain wallet at for free, hold your coins, increase staking deposits to increase daily bonuses, and stay updated with the implementation of new effective tools to increase your income.

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