Crossing 100 Witness Nodes Launched and Increasing Validator Rewards |

Crossing 100 Witness Nodes Launched and Increasing Validator Rewards

The number of witness nodes in the EDC Blockchain network has reached 100, having increased by 37% over the previous month. We congratulate all members! 

In the light of this, we want to share the following strategy regarding the EDC Blockchain reward system: 

1. Validators are active users of EDC Blockchain who make a significant contribution to its development. We want to reward all witness accounts: the confirmation payout will be increased from 0.1 EDC to 1 EDC per block. The reward will start to be credited to your accounts on the next maintenance, at 9:00 (GMT). Thank you for your participation, offers and creation of unofficial platforms/instruments for using the EDC coin. 

2. When the following 100 witnesses join the network, your reward will steadily increase by 1 EDC / block. Example: As soon as the number of witnesses reaches 200, your reward will be 2 EDC per block, as soon as we cross 300 witness nodes connected, your reward will be 3 EDC per block, and so on. As more witness nodes will participate in verifying transactions and voting for changes in the future, this will make the EDC blockchain more secure, efficient and decentralized. 

You can find information on setting up your witness node here
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