Consensus 2019: the Future for Blockchain, the Future for EDC |

Consensus 2019: the Future for Blockchain, the Future for EDC

May 13 - May 15, 2019, the 5th annual technological summit on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will be held in New York. For the fifth time in a row, this event overturns every aspect of the day-to-day life. The question arises: what is the crypto-world waiting for this time? And how will this affect EDC?

Is this really that serious?

To date, the consensus is the main event in the world of digital assets. It will bring together representatives of large companies, developers, founders and investors in the world of cryptocurrencies; among them are such important people as Fred Smith from FedEx, Abigail Johnson from Fidelity, Jack Dorsey from Square, chairman of the SEC Jay Clayton, one of the creators of public-key cryptography, Whitfield Diffie, and the first digital cash investor, David Chaum.

So basically, famous people and professionals in the industry will gather to discuss current news, innovative projects, as well as consider prospects and make global moves towards the development of the crypto world.

There is definitely something to discuss. Over this year, the world of cryptocurrency has significantly changed. Therefore, it is gradually reaching the state level, which proves the readiness of digital assets to become something bigger. Our assumption is that the Consensus will correspond to the need for expanding the crypto market, widespread globalization and the popularization of blockchain technology in all industries.

Estimated implications, especially for the EDC coin

If you stayed informed of the previous summits, then you know that there were raised issues that are inevitably implemented throughout the year. At previous events, the idea of integrating blockchain applications at the state level was spoken, therefore, as a possible consequence, INATBA appeared. It was also said about environmental problems, where cryptocurrency plays the role of a panacea, as well as about the harm of mining farms, and about the lack of confidence of users of new cryptocurrencies.

But all this considers global matter. No, we do not underestimate the value of the summit, but we would like to talk about the consequences that affect everyone: from crypto-multimillionaires to ordinary holders.

After all, the immediate result of each summit is an immediate increase in the price of cryptocurrency. The synergy generated by large investment leaders from the scene always plays a key role. This time the situation will not change at all: an increase in the price of famous coins is inevitable. Thus, we recommend purchasing cryptocurrency before the event.

But let’s back to the global issues. As we have said, the news on the agenda will be about the globalization of cryptocurrency, because only blockchain technology can help the economy reach a completely different level, where transactions are fast, transparent and reliable, without intermediaries and with the ability to transfer multi-million funds in one click. This topic literally requires urgent coordination of actions, especially from the government.

We also make sure that the issue of the marketplace will be discussed at the summit. If you read our previous articles, you know that the EDC coin has a number of advantages in comparison with other cryptocurrencies. The point is again in the flexible code, which is designed for a wide marketplace. Indeed, for many, even well-known cryptocurrencies, the marketplace is an auxiliary function, i.e., an idea that is implemented in later. In the case of the EDC coin, everything was planned initially.

On May 13 - May 15, 2019, we will take part in the events in New York, and we will share the most important things with you. We would really like you to comment on your expectations of the upcoming summit. You can discuss this topic on our Bitcointalk thread. Thus, you can ask there any questions about EDC and communicate directly with other coin holders.

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Stay tuned! We are sure that this year the Consensus will exceed all expectations!