Congratulations to the Winners of the EDC Blockchain-Supported Marathon! |

Congratulations to the Winners of the EDC Blockchain-Supported Marathon!

In Venezuela, a traditional marathon was held in the capital of the state of Tachira, the city of San Cristobal. The event was supported by EDC Blockchain, which has a history of over fifty years. The marathon was attended by celebrities and more than ten thousand spectators and participants who were wearing EDC Blockchain branded T-shirts!

We stand for a transparent exchange system, technological tools for business scaling and lightning-fast "sprints" all over the planet! Just in case: the world's existing payment systems can take days or even weeks to complete transactions, while EDC Blockchain users exchange coins on the platform quickly and easily thanks to the use of a modified "graphene" technology!

The EDC Blockchain team is always ready to support activities that aim to strengthen your spirit and realize your personal growth! 

However, the EDC Blockchain offers much more than the functionality for fast and anonymous transactions. We are a large-scale ecosystem with a wide range of possibilities such as:

  • For traders: a p2p platform and advanced exchange for crypto-trading;
  • For businessmen: an increase in the client base thanks to the affiliate marketplace ECRO;
  • For beginners: the Academy, where you will get extremely important knowledge about blockchain, making smart contracts and working with over a million happy users in 57 countries, including Venezuela!

What more?

  • Regular leasing bonuses  
  • Coin constructor for token and cryptocurrency creation
  • Marketing opportunities for all types of businesses and startups 
  • Supporting an active community that has evolved over the years

Here tens of thousands of customers and businesses are actively working together, taking advantage of the unprecedented opportunities offered by the EDC Blockchain platform. Join us!

The race is on! See you at the finish line.