Communication With the Audience, Or Our Key Value |

Communication With the Audience, Or Our Key Value

Great news for the Korean audience of the EDC Blockchain platform! Especially for our community, we created groups on KakaoTalk and Facebook!

We invite all users from Korea, who are interested in the development of their business and getting daily bonuses with the help of blockchain technology, to join our global EDC community in these social networks! Our community is expanding constantly and already covers the audience from 57 countries all over the world!

Hot topics about the development of the project and opportunities with like-minded people are waiting for you in the online Kakao chat!

In the Facebook group, you can follow all the news of the platform, learn about the most important and significant updates and express your personal opinion regarding our platform.

As you know, currently, EDC Blockchain and its entire community are discovering a new big Korean market, the technological development of which is a benchmark for many Asian countries!

Create your future today with EDC Blockchain!