Commission-Free Deposits and Withdrawals: Exchange EDC on Dex-Trade! |

Commission-Free Deposits and Withdrawals: Exchange EDC on Dex-Trade!

Dear users!

We remind you that you can safely and conveniently buy EDC coins on the EDC Blockchain partner exchanges! We cooperate with a large number of reliable exchanges, and one of them is the Dex-Trade exchange platform. We will tell you in detail about working on this exchange.

Dex-Trade is the first officially registered cryptocurrency exchange in Chile! EDC Blockchain has a solid partnership with the exchange and is one of the first blockchain projects to get listed on Dex-Trade!

Dex-Trade is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides users with a fast and reliable service for the exchange and trading of digital assets with many advantages, such as: minimal trading commission (only 0.2% of the transaction), a large number of cryptocurrency depositing and withdrawing directions, as well as the complete absence of fees for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Dex-Trade users also receive a number of additional advantages, such as a convenient functional interface, qualified and fast technical support 24/7, as well as many security settings that give a full guarantee of your funds’ safety!

Instructions for working on the Dex-Trade exchange

To register on the Dex-Trade exchange, you must fill out the registration form at

It is necessary to fill in the username, email, password, repeat the password, set the time zone, and pass the captcha check. It is also necessary to get acquainted with the terms of use, click the “I agree” checkbox, and click the continue button. You will be sent a registration confirmation letter to your email, follow the link from the received letter, and registration will be confirmed.

Picture 1

 If you have already registered on the exchange, click the login button in the upper right corner.

Picture 2

Account settings. 2FA function activation.

Picture 3

Go to the profile/security tab

There are two types of protection for your account. First method is authorization by email, each time you log in, you will receive an SMS notification on your email with an access code to your account. The second way is to install Google Authenticator. We strongly recommend you to use the second option. When you press the enable button, a dialog box with instructions for further actions will open. Be sure to keep the key in a safe place. Generate a token and enter it in the appropriate field, then click “Enable”. Your account is now secured.

Picture 4

User verification

To deposit or withdraw US dollars, Euros or other fiat currencies, your account must be verified to comply with all relevant laws and the regulators’ requirements about anti-money laundering and terrorist financing.

Dex-Trade has developed an online verification procedure, where you need to fill out an online application form and attach supporting documents. You can get acquainted with the verification requirements by clicking the “requirements” button.


To make a deposit, you need to find the needed coin in the presented tokens list and click on it. In our case, we make an EDC coin deposit. In the open dialog box, we get the deposit address and the MEMO that must be copied.

Picture 5

Next, go to the EDC Blockchain Wallet and insert the received data for the deposit.

Picture 6

After the deposit is transferred to the exchange, it will be displayed in the list of recent deposits.

Picture 7


To withdraw funds, you must be a verified user of the platform. To do this, go through a simple verification procedure in the profile/verification tab.

After you have successfully passed the verification, select the needed coin from the list. In our case, we select the EDC Blockchain coin. Fill out the form for sending and press the withdraw button.

Picture 8

To buy/sell EDC coin, you need to select the necessary currency pair

Picture 9

You need to select the Order Form in the left part of the screen and enter the necessary data: price and amount of coins. Then click on the Buy/Sell button.

Picture 10

Or you can select the active orders already created by other participants.

Picture 11

Now you can easily enjoy all the advantages of exchanging EDC coins on the Dex-Trade exchange!

Best regards,

EDC Blockchain Team