Code Package: New Development for Your Business |

Code Package: New Development for Your Business

In previous articles, we talked about those transaction functions that bring the EDC Blockchain platform products to a higher level of security and convenience and increase the competitiveness of platform products in the cryptocurrency market - these are the “code package” and “red envelope” functions.

In this article, we will consider in detail how to use this functionality, which will help to significantly expand capabilities both for individual use and for solving many business cases.

The code-package is an advanced feature that guarantees additional security for your transaction. When you create it, you generate a secret code - and only the owner of this code will be able to unlock this package.

This exclusive development of the EDC Blockchain team, which you will not find on most competing platforms, is great, for example, for organizing various promotions on social networks, loyalty campaigns or contests for opinion leaders and bloggers. In addition, you can easily use the code-package as a digital gift certificate!

The organizer of the action may provide the participants with a code-package as a gift. And only the winner of the competition will be able to open it and use the funds of this code-package. The winner simply enters the received code and gets his reward - thus, the funds of your prize pool will always be safe and only the real winner will be able to get it!

Also, if the prize fund under the terms of the competition should be distributed among several participants at once, the EDC Blockchain platform provides its users with another advanced feature that is perfectly suited for such cases - the “red envelope”.

When creating a code-package, simply activate the reusable check function — and now the funds can be distributed among several participants — you choose the amount yourself when creating the “red envelope”.

The red envelope function from EDC Blockchain greatly simplifies the task of distributing funds between participants of your actions or contests - you just need to pass the generated code to the winners, who can use the funds at a convenient time for them!

Another significant advantage of the presented functions is the ability to specify the "life period" for the generated code-package or red envelope.

For example, if the announced competition comes to an end, but the winners are not determined for some reason, the funds in the code-package or the red envelope will remain completely intact. When creating them, simply indicate the date by which you can use the code. If the validity period of the code-package or the red envelope expires, and the funds are not claimed, they will be automatically returned to the sender’s wallet after the specified date. This greatly simplifies the task of controlling your distributed assets!

Thus, the advanced code-package and red envelope features of the EDC Blockchain platform are especially in demand among owners of small and medium-sized businesses, since they allow solving several problems of enterprise development at once.

Firstly, they are convenient and suitable tools for loyalty programs.

Secondly, they can can be used as gift certificates with an increased level of reliability and security of funds.

Thirdly, the code-package and the red envelope will be an ideal option for holding various contests as a prize to the winners.

Besides that, using the upgraded functions of the code-package and the red envelope, you can also easily manage your payroll - try the EDC Blockchain developments to pay salaries to your employees with the highest degree of reliability and security. To do this, you need to create a code package or red envelope and send a generated code to your employees - and only they can receive the amount of funds you set.

These advantages will allow you to easily find new customers, increase the loyalty of existing clients, and will also become an indispensable tool for conducting safe and convenient financial settlements, in which various errors related to the human factor are completely eliminated. Indeed, the base of our developments is the most reliable distributed ledger technology to date - blockchain technology!

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