Celebrate the 2nd Birthday of IDAX And Win EDC Coins! |

Celebrate the 2nd Birthday of IDAX And Win EDC Coins!

On November 11, 2019, our partner exchange IDAX celebrates its 2nd birthday and holds a prize draw - a massive AIRDROP, during which you can get free EDC coins!

The promotion will last by November 17, 2019. Anyone can take part in it!

The promotion will include many pleasant bonuses for all participants:

  • Zero commissions when trading on the platform during the promotion;
  • Airdrop for all new users;
  • Airdrop for participants in the OTC market;
  • Rewards for the best traders!

The conditions for receiving free EDC coins are as follows:

  • The first 2000 participants in the OTC market who deposit EDC coins in the amount greater than 500 USDT will receive a bonus of 2% of the deposit amount;
  • IDAX users who trade more than two currency pairs with EDC will get the opportunity to earn additional rewards: every day during the promotion the system will determine the traders according to the time indicator, while the selected traders will receive 2% of the amount of their first trading volume for this day!

More promo details and a full list of prizes can be found on the official IDAX website. Celebrate the 2nd birthday of the exchange, register for the official IDAX website and get prizes!

Besides EDC, other blockchain projects participate in the promotion, such as XSR, RAYAX, and RWD!

Stay tuned!