EDC Blockchain Digest: Wallet Security for All Devices |

EDC Blockchain Digest: Wallet Security for All Devices

This week, the EDC Blockchain developers continue to scale the EDC Blockchain platform to provide greater reliability and availability in different parts of the world. The EDC Blockchain wallet if the main tool for accessing platform services, and we pay the greatest attention to its security for all user devices: iOs, Android and the web version.

For all participants, wallet balance safety is a high priority. To this end,  in EDC mobile wallets, two-factor authentication (2FA) module, aimed at providing an additional level of reliability of funds management on the platform, is being optimized. So, to enable and disable the 2FA function, the user needs to enter the authorization code sent to him by e-mail. 2FA is considered the most convenient feature that protects your accounts from unauthorized access, even when you are offline. Plus, it is easy to activate it. Therefore, we recommend that you activate this function.

Our developers conduct ongoing tests of iOS-wallets and perform refactoring (improving the "internal" product without adding new functionality). The purpose of refactoring is to simplify the understanding of how products work and improve your work with wallets.

As for Android wallets, we continue to process user feedback, and this helps analyze and improve platform performance. Accordingly, it becomes even more comfortable for users of mobile devices to conduct transactions, use the functionality to conduct promotions using code package and red envelopes, lease their coins and receive bonuses in return.

Work to optimize and refactor the EDC / EDC-20 exchange module as well as work on the input and output modules of the EDC-20 tokens is underway. As a reminder, the ratio between the coin/token price was disabled last week.

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