Blockchain-Based ECRO Marketplace to Be Launched! |

Blockchain-Based ECRO Marketplace to Be Launched!

On October 1, 2019, 6 days before the official launch, the global ECRO marketplace opens for vendors!

On October 7, 2019, the global platform release will take place for users all around the world.

Hurry up to place your products before the official sales start!

ECRO is a multi-functional blockchain online trading platform.

All ECRO marketplace vendors will be able to get a full-fledged platform with ready-made modules for placing their goods, receiving and servicing orders, customer feedback, seller’s merchant for receiving crypto payments, marketing, and advertising support.

One of the technological features of ECRO is the virtual assistant ECRA, based on artificial intelligence technologies. ECRA will help you better navigate the platform to successfully start sales, connect and run all the services available on the platform, and will answer all the questions.

The EDC coin will be one of the currencies, which can be freely purchased and exchanged at dozens of our partner exchanges and specialized trading platforms.

Thus, the main advantage of connecting your business with the ECRO marketplace is the support of your business by the numerous EDC Blockchain international community, consisting of hundreds of thousands of loyal crypto enthusiasts from 57 countries throughout the world. These are cryptocurrency holders looking for new ways to implement blockchain in real business, namely the use of digital coins to pay for a wide variety of services and goods.

You can go through the quick registration and vendor authorization and start your business! Welcome to the world of the new digital economy and blockchain sales!

Official website of ECRO: