Bit-Z Launches Masternode on EDC Blockchain! |

Bit-Z Launches Masternode on EDC Blockchain!

We are expanding capabilities for our platform users so that you can receive even more leasing bonuses! Our partnership with the Bit-Z crypto exchange is progressing, and now, along with the ECRO-fund masternode, the Bit-Z exchange masternode (Bitz-fund) is available to you!

You can safely buy coins on the exchange and lease them to the Bitz-fund masternode to receive more leasing rewards! Just select the bitz-masternode directly in the EDC Blockchain wallet, set the number of coins you want to send, and the appropriate leasing period. From this moment you begin to receive rewards every day!

All participants who have leased deposits receive rewards, depending on their deposit amount. The more the deposit and the longer leasing period is, the more bonuses you get! This is very convenient for the Bit-Z platform users, as you can not only take part in the development of our project but also get increased rewards and immediately exchange them on Bit-Z. The limit on deposits in the bitz-masternode is 100 million EDC.

The EDC Blockchain platform uses the LPoS (Leased-Proof-of-Stake) algorithm and masternodes — pools in which users can lease their coins. Masternodes generate new coins in the system and distribute rewards between users that lease their EDC coins in proportion to their deposits.

Offering advanced blockchain services for the development of our users and partners, we strive to raise the level of platform’s decentralization for its more efficient and transparent work.

EDC Blockchain developers are testing the functionality for buying and creating masternodes for our partners, and shortly our partners will have the opportunity to manage their own masternode on the EDC Blockchain blockchain and receive even more bonuses from users deposits!

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