Are You Ready to Trade EDC Coin? Click on! |

Are You Ready to Trade EDC Coin? Click on!

Dear participants! We want to remind you of the successful listing of the EDC coin on the Chinese crypto exchange! EDC coin trading has already started, and now you can buy or exchange EDC Blockchain (EDC) in pair with Bitcoin (BTC)! Thus, we are working on adding a number of other currency pairs with EDC coin on this exchange.

As a reminder, the exchange is a rebranding of one of the largest Chinese exchanges, BTC-China, therefore, currently, the exchange is actively developing outside of China. The company constantly organizes events in China and throughout Asia, while the EDC Blockchain company plans to become a regular participant of these events!

First of all, partnership with such a large crypto exchange for our project is a new source of liquidity for our coin, which means an increase in new users.

Currently, supports trading of 79 cryptocurrencies in 157 trading pairs. The exchange has offices in most Asian countries, such as South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and even the United States. In total, the platform provides the opportunity to trade digital assets for residents from more than 100 countries!

The list of exchanges with which the EDC Blockchain project team builds strong partnerships is constantly expanding. The listing of EDC coin on the top and most respected trading platforms around the world are awaiting!

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