8041 Abdulrahman Yusuf, EDC Blockchain Leader in Indonesia, and His Story of Success

Abdulrahman Yusuf is the leader and organizer of the EDC Blockchain events in Indonesia.

His story is clearly an instance of success for both the platform partners and all the numerous members of our community.

2016 - A simple taxi driver

2019 - A wealthy person, owner of plots, having his own complex of several condominiums on Bali

Abdulrahman shares some components of his success, and here they are:

  • EDC Coin Owner. His crypto-capital today is more than 600 million EDC!
  • Member of the EDC community. About 5,000 new users joined the EDC Blockchain thanks to Abdulrahman! The referral program allows him to have several sources of reward for the work done, while multi-level marketing is a unique multiplier of the efforts of his entire team.
  • Leadership. “It is not enough to connect new partners to new business.  We need to become a leader and a conductor for them, in order to show by our example what people can change and which possibilities they have thanks to the EDC Blockchain”, said Abdulrahman.
  • Positive and optimistic! “In the world, there is always a reason to be dissatisfied.  But successful people have a positive outlook on life, thanks to which they do not miss the opportunity to help others and to be successful themselves. ”

EDC Blockchain.  We are waiting for your success story!