A Unique Project ECROFund, Combining Real Business and Blockchain, Successfully Launched!!! |

A Unique Project ECROFund, Combining Real Business and Blockchain, Successfully Launched!!!

Every day, EDC Blockchain is developing new products and continuing to expand the geography of its presence, holding events in all corners of the world. Now we have an additional reason to expand, as we are pleased to announce the official launch of the ECROFund platform based on EDC Blockchain!

ECROFund is an advanced consensus platform that mediates a number of projects:

👆Tokenization of business or startup

👌Crowdfunding platform for new startups with the possibility of voting

✌️Sale of goods and services by ECRO participants

🤝Platform sharing of material and intellectual assets between ECRO participants

💰A unique project combining blockchain and real business

You can find more details regarding projects you are interested in, on our website ecrofund.com

The core of the ECRO ecosystem is an online AI-based consultant which will guide ECRO users with all available company products.

The ECROFund project provides our community with a service bringing together people who have provided their own resources to achieve the goal of creating an independent self-sufficient ECRO ecosystem.

Visitors to the two-day fintech conference IFIC Sanya 2019: Unlocking the Economy were the first to hear about the launch of our project. This was really a large-scale event held in the city of Sanya, China, on May 24 - May 25, 2019. IFIC Sanya 2019 was organized with the support of such giant companies as People Digital, Huobi Group, and Finwex, and managed to attract thousands of attendees.

The IFIC conference brought together not only investors,
but also blockchain experts, developers, and those who are interested in fintech fields

Since many of those present are active users of the EDC Blockchain platform, this was an ideal event to announce the opening of the ECROFund company and tell about all the benefits of the collaboration of both EDC Blockchain and ECROFund platforms which are unique projects combining the blockchain and real business. Visitors, major investors, and industry professionals got acquainted with the features of both platforms, and also participated in a special lottery with a prize draw.

ECROFund business presentation
Our representatives created a separate networking area where all conference participants were able to receive recommendations on working with our platform
All participants were able to take part in discussions about the benefits of ECROFund and share their experience using the EDC coin
Special prize lottery draw

On May 25, 2019, we held a couple of conferences in New Delhi, India, as well as in Valencia and Barquisimeto, Venezuela, where representatives of our numerous community gathered all together. We told why ECROFund is so valuable for the entire EDC ecosystem, how business owners can now use our platforms to solve their asset-tokenization issues, as well as about the potential of both EDC Blockchain and ECROFund as fast business blockchain platforms for implementing any projects.

Venezuela - a country where blockchain and cryptocurrency are now widely applied
The forum brought together entrepreneurs from Latin America, as well as investors and guests from different countries  
We presented ECROFund to the community in India
India is a fast-growing market with great potential to use blockchain

We managed to set the trend of the current year in both the blockchain and fintech fields throughout Asia and Latin America! EDC Blockchain together with ECROFund can be the pioneer of the transition from experiments to real use, thanks to the implementation of any projects!

We sincerely hope that visitors to our events could fully appreciate the potential of the new platform, and are confident that soon, we will see a large number of real cases of using EDC.

A lot of EDC Blockchain and ECROFund joint events coming! Follow the news and see you at conferences!