A New Professional Young Choe Joins the EDC Blockchain Advisory Board! |

A New Professional Young Choe Joins the EDC Blockchain Advisory Board!

The EDC Blockchain company is constantly expanding, attracting new experts from various technological fields. We proudly present our new advisor - Young K Choe!

Young Choe specializes in software development and blockchain technology and has extensive experience in technical product development as well as in executive managing of several technological companies.

Besides holding advanced degrees in computer science from North Carolina State University, Young is an adjunct professor at Yonsei University in Korea. He is also a member of the Executive Blockchain Program at Draper University in California and a Board Member of KBIPA, a Korean Blockchain Industry Promotion Association.

Yang Choe has executive experience in technological companies from the traditional sector, such as NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, BMC Software and 3Ksoftware. In addition, Young has extensive experience in the field of crypto-investments and ICOs: he is an expert of the global rating platform ICObench, director of the OSSF (Open Source Software Foundation) and editor of the “Blockchain Today” magazine.

Young Choe is the CEO of Crypto Valley Lab, which specializes in developing blockchain solutions, artificial intelligence, and decentralized finance.  He is also the CSO of 3KFinance, a company specializing in cybersecurity.

Young is also advising many well-known blockchain projects, including Evens, EOS Chrome, EcoStart, Mix.Rent, EdenChain, AmbleX, Platinum Q DAO, Boltt Protocol, GBC Korea, Davinci Foundation.

The EDC Blockchain management welcomes the new expert joining its advisory board and looks forward to a long and productive collaboration!

EDC Blockchain Advisor Young K Choe on LinkedIn.

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