A Cartoon about Blockchain for Grown-Ups! |

A Cartoon about Blockchain for Grown-Ups!

EDC Blockchain team presents an animated short film about how blockchain technology and EDC Blockchain products can improve the lives of ordinary people in various spheres of life.

The most popular questions of novice users are: "How does it work?", "Why are the EDC Blockchain products created?", "How to apply the benefits of blockchain in real life?" and so on. 

Now even a beginner will find answers to these and many other questions.

The blockchain industry is a relatively young thing. So, when it comes to learning about this technology, most people feel "juniors". The difference in the perception of information among adults differs from children in that they think in terms of words and concepts, while children perceive pictures better. Therefore, children love cartoons :)

We invite you to be a little bit of a child in order to move back from the world of numbers and terms to a simple and accessible world of pictures for a while!

It will become much clearer to you what benefits the EDC Blockchain platform offers to modern entrepreneurs and consumers. You can even be motivated and have your own business ideas and inspiration!

Great news! We plan to turn this animated film into a series! So, in the future, you will be able to learn more about the different products of EDC Blockchain and the multifunctional blockchain-based ECRO System!

Enjoy watching!