10 New EDC Stickers Available on Telegram! |

10 New EDC Stickers Available on Telegram!

To all fans of texting and social networking! We prepared for you a new fashionable sticker-pack called "Mr.EDC"! Download free EDC stickers and install them on your smartphone to make your texting even brighter!

Stickers are an easy way to convey emotions and your mood! They save your time and always help understand each other better! Plus, these bright pictures are one of the best ways to get your friend interested in blockchain!

The EDCst utility bonus coin provides users all over the world with access to the EDC Blockchain platform features. Thanks to this, tens of thousands of people receive daily bonus rewards through leasing, exchange coins for EDCe tokens, while entrepreneurs create their own digital assets and launch effective loyalty programs, which allows them to get new customers and indefinitely scale their business!

Download a sticker pack here: https://t.me/addstickers/mr_edc

Be successful with EDC Blockchain!